Thursday, January 10, 2013

Welcome to the Coastal North Carolina Blog!

Welcome! As one may infer from the title, this blog will cover all things realted to the North Carolina Coast. Anything from culture to climate will be discussed throughout this blog. If there happens to be a hiatus of news concerning the coast, don't be suprised to find a history of culture, development, climate and geography about a region of the North Carolina Coast.

         This first post will be an introduction about me, the NC coast, and why I am writing this. First things first, my name is Peter, and although I have a passion for the North Carolina Coast, I hail from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where I continue to live today. A sophomore at Temple University, my life typically revolves around school, work, and the outdoors. My interest with the NC Coast started about a year and a half ago, when I spontaneously began reading anything I could get my hands on that concerned the NC coast. The first book, and still one of my favorites, was Bob Simpson's When The Water Smokes: A Peltier Creek Chronicle (  The book, set in late 20th century Carteret County, chronicles the daily life, events, and nature outings of the author, Bob Simpson, all while centering around Simpson and his wife refurbishing a boat, and sailing it down the intracoastal waterway.
         Through this book, Simpson managed to capture the culture and natural environment of Carteret County. This book not only reminded me of the many vacations I spent on the Crystal Coast and surrounnding areas, but also sparked an interest which has led me on a path of discovery and has opened me up to a subject which I have grown to love. Since reading Simpson's book I have read over 15 books and counting concerning the subject of the North Carolina Coast, ranging from academic works by Dr. Stan Riggs at East Carolina University, to the in-depth works of "The Chronicler of the Outer Banks" David Stick.
        In essense, I am writing this to serve as a outlet for my interest and passion for the North Carolina Coast, and to share my interest with others who may be interested (assuming I'm not the only one).


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